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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh and by the way, I was watching the Discovery Channel the other day, and they were talking about hurricanes and tsunamis and super hurricanes and super tsunamis and so on...

Do you know what two items Walmart sells the most during panicked times of severe nature disasters?

# 1 - BEER
and, are you ready for this?

# 2 - Poptarts
Esssuz me, ese?

Beer - okay, yes. I mean, hell yes. What else are you going to do while floating for hours on top of a piece of someone's elses house?


By all means, WATER should have been number 1. And so should toilet paper and batteries and those kinds of things. But they didnt even come in as number TWO.


I'm thinking, maybeeee people buy poptarts instead, cause theyyy... cannnnn... what - Be eaten cold as well as hot. Are wrapped in pretty silver packages which are, most likely, water proof (not that I ever tested that theory) and could be used to reflect the sun and attract the attention of a rescue plan flying by. They probably last a long long time too, not as long as Twinkies, but long. And hey, its not like your going to be floating around for more than a year anyway, right? Or maybe its just because its America's favorite comfort food. I dont know. Is it? It isnt mine, but maybe there was a poll done that I missed and poptarts won. And are they the original poptart or those new Toaster Studel ones with the swirly frosting on them? Perhaps it doesnt matter.

I'm kinda embarrassed by this poptart thing. I can take a pretty good guess that wasn't the answer in any other country.

Hey, whatever makes us happy, right?
In The Fog

Storm in the hills of Highland

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