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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I would like to tell you about my horrible week so far…

And its only TUESDAY –

Well, I wanted to tell you about it yesterday (which was Tuesday) because today is actually Wednesday, but I was too done for the day to write. PLUS I still have no Internet at home. Verizon is scheduled to come out Friday the 23 to figure out what the major malfunction is, so any posting I can do is not done from the comfort of my living room. Not that I could have posted my whole day yesterday until today anyway, as little did I know, more was to come after I left work.

Don’t worry if that didn’t make any sense. Don’t go back and re-read it trying to figure out what I was attempting to say. But most of all –

DON’T ever ask yourself “what ELSE could happen today”…

If you read my last post, you will know that I was running on very little sleep from Monday and bubby Jack being ill, so Tuesday morning I was almost on empty. Although Jack was doing better, I still was stressed with the unexpected vet bill. But onward we marched and got into car for another fun filled day of work, not to mention another 55 mile morning commute down the highway to hell, a.k.a. rt.78.

As we passed through the construction zone, traffic being to slow. Although we all seemed to be cruising nicely at 50mph in the left lane, it all suddenly came to an abrupt stop right before having to cross the mountain. I hit the breaks and was able to stop about 3-feet from the car in front of me.

Isn’t it just the most amazing thing how many complete thoughts pass through one’s mind in a split second…

Thought 1: Yeah I got this. Okay.

Thought 2: Wait, what about the guy behind me…

*quick glance in rear view mirror*

Thought 3: You know what’s coming…


Thought 4: Andddd again.


Thought 5: Shit.

The SUV behind me had slammed into my rear and threw me into the car in front of me.

Remarkable, that car in front took off like a bat out of hell.

Guess somebody didn’t have insurance…

Behind us, three more cars crashed into each other.

So the cops came, made a report, agreed I wasn’t at fault, and let us go. We spent the day talking to my insurance company, the other driver’s insurance companies, the body shop, the claims officer, etc. When the work day was over, I had a quote from the auto body for almost $4800.00, a very unhappy trunk, and a very stressed belly. Why did this happen? Because I have only 8 payments left on the car.

To bring a little joy to the day, we stopped at Quizno’s to get my favorite Chicken Carbonara sub. We get back on the highway to go home, I take the first bite of my sub only to discover that there was no bacon on it.

Let me say that again.

There was NO -


The sandwich only consists of chicken, bacon, and mushroom. So without the bacon it’s just a freaking chicken and mushroom sandwich and that SUCKS ass.

Of course that’s when I have to go and say something stupid like,

“What more could happen today?”

Because OF COURSE, that’s when traffic comes to a complete halt. Now there is a freshly jack-knifed tractor trailer miles up the road that requires a medi-vac helicopter for the driver and hours of clean up. So we sit. Its 6:00pm. And we sit. Its 7:30pm. And we sit. I play games on my phone. And we sit some more. Its 8:00pm

We get home at 9pm. NINE, people.

I don’t want to go bed in an hour. For crying out loud, we just got home. So I stay up thinking I’m making tomorrow wait for me because I don’t really feel like getting up in the morning and getting back on that highway and the longer I stay up the farther away it will be.

Before I know it, it’s midnight.

I go to bed, wake up at 5:30am and am not only stupidly tired but I have a stiff neck. Earl has a sore shoulder. And we have to look forward to the claims officer coming to look at the car today to tell me what he thinks its worth and how much he is willing to fix it for.

Some how I’m just not excited about dealing with the day.

And so, jumping ahead to now – the claims guy never showed. Maybe tomorrow. Its supposed to get real crappy out tomorrow, like ice and snow.

I don’t want to think anymore about anything.