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Monday, November 21, 2005

Thaur be wild turkies in mah woods!

The holidays are upon us! Hee Haww!! Only 3 more days and we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving! I am SO into the holidays this year and can't wait to get my decorations up. Although I swore I'd be the first on my block this year, it appears most of my neighbors have already beat me to it.

So if I feel so festive already, why did the grocery store's attempt to get me even more into the spirit fail so miserbly while I was shopping for Thanksgiving stuff last night?

It seems they were doing everything right - I mean, they had the little Santas doing the belly dance on the deli counter, the mini Christmas trees were all lite up in the bakery section, there was Christmas music playing over the loud speakers, the stocking stuffers were all out on display, they had sale stickers on all the cranberry sauce, and there were big red bows on the wreaths outside - but it all just seemed so commercial.

The only thing that felt right were all the people shopping for Thanksgiving dinner stuff. THAT felt like holiday cheer.

And thats what its all about -
Its family and friends coming to see each other and spend time together.
Its celebrating old tradions and making new ones.
Its making sugar cookies just so you can decorate them like Christmas bells.
Its burning scented candles so the house smells extra good.
Its garland down the banister and bows on the mailboxes.
Its finding a Christmas card amongst the pile of bills.
Its remembering a childhood memory when you hear Have A Holly Jolly Christmas.
Its getting goosebumps when the first snowflake of the season falls.
Its wishing a happy holiday to a stranger who holds the door open for you.
Its getting excited about watching Charlie Brown, Rudolf, and Frosty for the bizillionith time.
Its seeing people being more polite to each other.
Its seeing bows on car grills and snowmen in the front yards.
Its smelling cinnamon baking in the oven and sipping on hot chocolate with little marshmellows.
Its turning the lights down, curling up on the couch with your loved ones, a warm quilt, some popcorn, and watching the Christmas tree sparkle.

What can you add to the list? What is holiday cheer to you?