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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I’m trying. Okay.

I’m trying really, really hard to be civil at that place. But today, one of the people involved in the thing that I can’t talk about – yet – is pretending to be on my side, when I know he is not.

He. Is. Not.

He just wanted to hear what I was thinking about all of this. This, that I can’t talk about. And the whole time, I’m pre-thinking what I’m about to say, wondering if its not what I want him to know and knowing I suck at thinking before I speak, or perhaps maybe its something I do want him to know because he’ll run back to the nest and tell the others...

ARRGGG. I hate it when I have to think that hard. One false move and all is lost...

Only one thing for sure, I can’t trust him. I can’t trust anybody there. So I told him only what I wanted him to go back and tell all the rest of the klan cause mannn this feels like a witch hunt. Feels like it's always been a witch hunt... Hopefully I will get my point across that way. I just wish I knew exactly what my point was. I mean I know, but it's just so much more complicated than that. Hopefully, they will understand that I have no patience for this unprofessional pushing around that’s going on.

Perhaps Voodoo....

No way. Too obvious.

Have you ever had to be in a place that was so stomach turn-ing-ly dishonest and back stabbing that every face you saw was “in on it” and ultimately there didn’t seem to be anywhere to go or anyone to open your mouth up to???

Actually if any of you went through 4 years of high school, you may know something of what I’m talking about...

But this isn’t high school, folks. This is adult planet now, this is where you’re supposed to act adult and do adult things...

BWAHAHHA who the fuck am I kidding. Just goes to show you that some people (okay, most people) never grow up. Even if they’re old and wrinkly. I’m just waiting to hear one of them use the term ‘birdie turdy’ or something along those lines.

Dog dammit. I wish I could tell you what I was talking about.

Everybody Check Their Watches...

Just now I stopped to check the time, when I noticed something. "Oh my goodness, my watch has stopped."

It was stopped at exactly 6:40.

My coworker looked at her watch too. "Hey. My watch has stopped too."

Her watch was stopped at exactly 6:30.

Does anybody else think that is just a little freaky?