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Friday, July 22, 2005

God Bless Me Mum

Especially when it comes to making tributes to the kitties I have loved.

Moms are good at so many things. My mom happens to be great at making quilts. She made me this one with all my kitties on it - Abraxsas, Baby, Pixie, Oreo, & Sammy. She some how even quilted their individual personalities with every stitch. At the time she made it, they were all alive and kicking, except for Sammy (he's the little orange guy in the heavens), but alas, they all have since past :( I miss them very much...

Especially my little black baby Abraxsas. She was only 6 years old when she was diagnosed with a heart condition. That was a Monday. Only four days later, she suffered a massive heart attack and I lost her.

But I can always look at my quilt to remind me how wonderful they all were -
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Ma, I've got three more kitties now and two hounds. I need another quilt for the other wall. Chop chop.

Adventures in Drywalling

Isn't it just the most beautifulest?
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OOooo! Look at the hotty sitting on the couch!

Afterall, that's all one really ever needs - a big TV, a DVD/surround sound system, and a hotty on the couch. Throw in a pooch, a Siamese, and a copper fridge filled with beer, and you've got yourself a palace!