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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Just to let you all know, NO.

I did not find my glasses - ever.

So sad. Steve didn't have them, Desiree didn't have them... I don't have them. So off to the eye doctor I went today. I got lucky and they had a cancellation this afternoon. I not only got my prescription for my new glasses, but the doc gave me a free pair of contacts! Nice!

I went to Sears straight from work and got to pick out new frames. JUST MY LUCK - my old frames were discontinued. Seems like everything in my life that I like, or take days to pick out, ends up being discontinued and I can't have it. I shopped for quite awhile and had about 15 frames entangled in my fingers. Eventually I got it down to about 5, then 3, and finally the 2 lucky ones that would become my new little friends.

I can't believe how attached I get to inanimate objects. From cars to eyeglasses, I seem to make relationships with such things. We bond, we share trials and tribulations of life, we share thoughts... Okay, well I share thoughts. They just listen. Its not like they talk back. I'm not crazy for crying out loud.

But I was really upset when I lost my glasses. They were MY glasses. They were part of MY life, not someone else's. And the thought of someone else wearing them made me sick. It was just hard to stomach the whole idea of someone walking around with them on their face, or in their pocket. They weren't right for anyone else. They weren't theirs, they were mine... I just hope no one smashed them...

I'll get over this.

So I have new ones coming my way now. And bonus! I had a coupon for buy one get one free! So not only did I find some really cool frames that I liked just as much, I got to pick out another pair in a different color - for FREE!

They are way cool too. Made by Tao. The first pair is very similar to my old ones (ahhh, I feel a tear coming on), but instead of "sand" they are "copper" and just as pretty. The second pair are going to be my "serious" color frames. See, I've already established their roles in my life. They are "gun smoke" gray. Awesome. Make my eyes POP out.

Now all I have to do is wait 2 weeks. In the meantime, my cool new contacts are the new kind that "breathe" under your eye. Apparently they don't get as dry as my others did.

I think I may just survive those couple of weeks of no glasses.

Well that's it. Just thought I better inform any readers out there what was going on with the missing glasses.

And anyone who knows me, knows I fall victim to Murphy's Law whenever possible. In other words, I should find my lost glasses any minute now that I just spent the last of my money on the new ones.