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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hello there.

I have nothing really to talk about. I just got done reading Jenorama's blog and Abi's blog, and they have so much going on to post about. No offense to the others, I just ran out of time to read everybodies. Abi even gets to show us the chickens on the sidewalks. I don't have any chickens on my sidewalks. She just moved to the Keys (and I mean the warm ones down there under Florida) so there's the whole moving thing, settling in thing, finding cool new things thing, etc. And Jen, well she's in Canada AGAIN, only this time my brother and my nephew are with her, and they are having hotel and pastry adventures.


I sat in traffic this morning, got to work safely, sat at my desk for 8 hours, am about to leave for the day to sit in more traffic, will go on my treadmill for a bit, will look and/or think about the projects around the house that need completing, eat a Lean Cusine, and go to bed.

I'm ready for something fun to happen...

Anyyyy day now...

Okay. Maybe tomorrow.