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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something fun for a Wednesday

I got this little ball of joy from Holy Schmidt. Google your name and the word "is" and see what comes up. For example, I Googled "Amy is" and here's what happened...

AMY is an American citizen who 'vanished' while aboard a foreign vessel in international waters. Funny, I don’t feel ‘vanished’

Amy is on the cover of the October/November issue of Metro Source magazine....
I’ll be signing autographs after lunch

Amy is name-checked on a soap.
Can you say that about your name??

Amy is obsessed
I like to call it “intensely interested”

Chasing Amy is such a relief.
As opposed to catching me, which is down right stressful

Many of you have asked how Amy is doing
And thank you all for that. I am fine.

Frankly, Amy is sexy and funny
Yes, that’s what I’m told.

Amy is the daughter of Leo and Inez Wong, one of the richest families on Mars.
Which does me no good here on Earth

Amy is the ship's backup pilot
But I could be the main pilot if they would just get rid of that other guy

Amy Is Sadly Excoriated
Well, duhh.

Amy is a brilliant scholar
Boy am I ever.

Amy is the ideal person to lead Penn forward
You said it. But just for shits and giggles... forward into what, exactly?

Amy is dynamic and changes as the story progresses
In other words, I’m a drama queen and cant make up my mind

Amy is able to be selfless, boundless, and without ego
It's always about me, isn't it.

Amy is being sponsored by the Nation's Missing Children Organization
There I go 'vanishing' again. What’s up with that?

Amy is part of the Cover story that will be on the newsstands
That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone

Amy is dead
that's not very nice.

Amy" is comfort food for tired, hungry professionals who feel adrift in the career world
Ooo how special! I could just eat me up

Amy is a new one-woman show
Yup and I need all the help I can get.

Amy is back. ... AMY IS BACK!
all right ALL RIGHT

Amy is here at last
I think we’ve established that

Amy' is sitting pretty
Which is better than sitting ugly, naturally

Amy is struggling to keep up with her Heartland chores
That’s because I’m too busy procrastinating. What's your excuse?

Amy is now a project repository
That’s what my shrink said too

Amy is considered very attractive by many male fans
Uh, can you blame them?

Amy is a given name, a variant of Aimée, which means beloved in French which in turn is a derivative of Latin's amicus or amica which means friend
Yeah yeah I’m a beloved friend, big deal.

Amy is the best Mom any child could ask for
Now all I need is some children

Amy is around to keep my feet on the ground
Hey, I’m around for other things too

When Amy is ready to be born the sailboat is surrounded by angels
Wow that’s pretty cool. Wish I could remember that.

Amy is having a problem with biting behavior
But Earl is not complaining

Amy is currently working with the National Empowerment Center
Yes and we will take over the world by Christmas

Amy is aware that she was involved in a riding accident, but doesn’t remember the details
That’s just because I was drunk at the time

Amy is accepting visitors, but on a time-limited basis
Yes people. Chop chop.

Amy is an extremely talented actress and it would be great to see her on another great show
Someday soon I will bless you with your wish

Amy is at it again, this time uncovering Southwest Florida’s answer
And after that, I will fix the ozone problem

Amy is humming some new tunes these days
And I’ll let you know when the CD comes out

Amy is currently spearheading a Global Tribe movement designed to inspire young people
But first the rain forest needs a-saving

Amy is a 14-year-old freshman from Kansas who was chosen to become the writer for "Ask Amy,"
I only got that job because I look older than I am

Now you try.