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Friday, January 28, 2005

This is quite possibilty the longest day in the world. I know it wouldn't be this long if I was home, but being at work makes it definately the longest day in the world. And knowing it's Friday and the weekend is waiting for you... like a bunch of buddies standing outside your window waving at you to hurry up... makes it longer. I have stuff to do, sure. But why do it now when I can do it later? Right?

The advantage of working with your honey in the same building is he can sneak into your office, tip you back in your chair, and jam his tongue up your nostril, then exit with not a single word spoken.

That is definately a great way to wake yourself back up. So now I'm up. Doesn't make me want to do anything, but I'm up.
Alrighty then. I have no idea what to make of this one…

I’m in the bathroom. Widgeon, Q, Jack, and Oz are all with me – of course. Although the bathroom door is open, I cannot see Salem but she is right outside the bathroom sitting on the stairs.

I am sitting. They are also all sitting. We are all sitting. Well, actually the dogs were laying on their sides, but everyone else was sitting. Everyone is quiet. I am looking at all of them as they are all so cute and getting along so nicely.

Within a split second, there was complete mayhem. Like something whooshed through the bathroom. All animals were up in the air. I had cats bouncing off walls like pin balls and dog with pretzeled legs and bristled backs.

Widgy flew from the floor to the sink to the wall, back to the floor and behind the toilet. She was as puffed as a grey Tribble from Star Trek. Ozzy was spinning in circles searching the air for flying felines and anything else that might be up there; Jack was tangled up in Q who had bounced from the wall to under his feet. Jack slammed his rump back into the cabinet, spun around, and back himself out of the bathroom to the top of the stairs, frozen in crouching tiger position. At this same time, Q had ricocheted back off the wall, tapped his toes on the floor once, shot up about 5 feet and hurdled right over Jack... only he didn’t realize that the stairs were behind Jack, so down he went… taking Salem with him. I’m watching this but can’t see passed the top of the stairs. I don’t even know that Salem is caught up in this, but I wait for some sort of landing…and there it was – Crashhhhh, followed by the sound of shattering glass. I’m thinking Q hit the wall and knocked the mirror down. I yelled down to Earl -


“What was that???” Earl yelled back.


“I think so, but what the hell just happened?”


I am frozen, mouth hanging wide open, and I am trying to figure out what just happened. I made a quick glance down at Widgy still behind the toilet, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I go to touch her head and she freaks. I can see she isn’t hurt so I make my way over to the dogs, who are just standing there looking a me with big eyes, like I’m supposed to explain something to them. I lay my hand down on their backs and assure them they are still alive. They seemed relieve by this.

Down the stairs I go. Earl is sitting on the couch starring at the floor like he’s looking to see if Salem and Q put skid marks on the Pergo.

I found Q. He was hiding behind the fish tank. Big and fluffy, he was. I did some coaxing but eventually had to just pull him out. I checked him over for any cuts from the glass. He was all sorts of freaked out, but he seemed to be fine physically.

Salem had completely vanished. She’s so little too, which means she can disappear into the most unlikely places. So I knew I wouldn’t see her again until she wanted to be seen. I didn’t see any blood anywhere so I had to assume she was okay.

I went back to Earl and told him what I saw, or rather, what I didn’t see – like what caused all that. He said all he saw was Salem and Q rolling down the stairs like a black and white snowball, ending in Q crashing into the corner table at the bottom of the stairs. That’s when the glass candle holder that was on the table dropped to the floor and shattered.

I still don’t know what freaked everybody out. It was like something just passed through their little circle scaring the bejeebers out them. I was there, I saw nothing. But that doesn't mean anything. We all know animals are more sensitive to things than people, and obviously it was something they saw, or heard, or felt. I don't know and I never will exactly. I'm just a human. I know barely anything compared to what they know.