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Friday, November 18, 2005


I know I blogged already today, but I forgot it was Illustration Friday so I had to blog yet again. The topic this week is ~ "Free"
LOOOOK! I've been practicing!

I did this series last night in the freezing cold. My fingers were so numb I could hardly change the settings on the camera.

I used a 300mm zoom and stayed with f/16 for each shot, but changed the ISO and shutter speed accordingly for each. I also used the AEB function set at one stop after -1 and +1 for different exposure compensation. What a great feature! Had I gloves, I would have mess with the exposure even more... Ahhh well, next time.

I did try a few other things too, like the Bulb setting as it is supposed to be great for photographing the heavens, but I kept coming up with too much exposure. So I said screw it, save it for another time with warmer fingers. I also played with the mirror lock but as I'm fairly new at it I quite didn't achieve what I was going for.

Then I Photoshoped the group into the ring you see.

Photoshop is an easy alternative for such an effect, but it is not necessary. I have taken a series of time intervals during the last lunar eclipse, setting the camera to allow multiple exposures on one frame, thus giving more of a diagonal effect across the sky. Very cool!