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Friday, August 12, 2005


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This is me and my NEW CAMERA and this is our self portrait entry for today. The guy who took this picture of me is seen here in my lens of my NEW CAMERA. He took it with his widdle iddy biddy diggy, also seen here in my lens - OF MY NEW CAMERA. Thank you thank you, I know it's beautiful.

Yes, this is the THIRD post of the day. But I have been holding onto this picture all week just for SPD - AND DOG DAMMIT I just realized I was supposed to post this FREAKING YESTERDAY because it is so NOT Thursday anymore... WTF?? Alright, so its now Self Portrait Friday. Wannn take this outside? Cause I'll lay my smack down if you wanna get into this.

But just so you dont think this is it, this is everything, this is all you get - go on down and read the other two - you'll thank yourself later for indulging in such brilliance.

I just got all excited because I saw 2 comments on my last post. So I jumped on the button and saw:

"You are truly a joy to read. I will definitely come back!"

Oh that made me feel so good!

Then it told me to check out the home equity rates.


So I jumped to the second comment and it said this:

"Amazing job on your Blog! I'll definatly be coming back."

Then it told me to check out a PS3 vs Xbox blog... and boy that one sounded familiar. I think that was a comment on one of my other posts.

Where are all the real people out there? I'm tired of getting excited over bots.
I got this idea from Mrs. Jen - although I cant link anything to anybody because it all applies to people you all don't know and who do not have blogs to link to:

How to Make My Day

1) Stop pissing me off

2) Stop telling me I need more work done on my teeth

3) Stop trying to make me spend more money than I need to

4) Stop walking around like your Shakira and flirting with my husband cause he dont want your skanky ass

5) Stop making favorites in the work place cause that shit aint right

On a brighter note -

6) Leave me 5 little love notes;. One under my phone, one in my glasses case, one under my squishy wrist pad, one inside my drawer, and one on my shelf.

7) Hand me my new black Samuai Daito sword and tell me out of the two I ordered, it was the one that was in stock which is fortunate because it was the one I wanted more than the other, and is now mine.

8) Tell me that my cowboy boots are finished being repaired after two weeks and I can come get them now.

9) Remind me its Friday and we are going to drink much beer tonight.

See how little it takes to make me happy?