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Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy first day of Spring!

It wasn't a very good first day for me, however.

1) I was extremely busy at work and actually ran out of time to finish everything I wanted to.

2) Around noon time, I started to get back that brain cracking headache that I've had in the front of my forehead since Saturday (the one I thought I finally got rid of Sunday night).

3) Then while Earl drove us home, I was on hold with Verizon for over 20 minutes trying to get a tracking number for our new wireless phones. But the longer I sat on the phone, the worse my headache got. The movement from the car, the hold music from Verizon, the tiny volume from the radio, the sunglare - it was all TOOOO MUCH. So on top of everything, now I was car sick. The Verizon guy kept coming back on telling me that "the online sales department is experiencing usual heavy volume" and "I'll just go ahead and put your on thru...." Another 3 minutes would pass and he would come back on and say the same damn thing.

FINALLY, I finally got my tracking number and wrote it down on.... something... which made my car sickness even worse.

Then I called FedEx who had apparently already stopped at the house so now it was up to us to pick up our package.

So THEN I had to call one of our friends to ask them how the hell to get to the FedEx building. He's listing names of roads, rights and lefts, this and that - All that THINKING was killing me.

When we reached the FedEx building, I had already lost the paper or whatever it was that I had writen the tracking number on. How the hell can you loose something you had just written on? Worse yet, I couldnt even remember what I wrote it down on. I dont know if it was the headache or my extreme lack of short term memory, but I could not for the life of me remember what it looked like to even look for it. I found myself standing at the counter searching my purse and pockets for something I can't even recollect.

That's tough.

Luckily FedEx didnt need it and gave us our package from our street address. I then figured that since I was not planning on going to class for fear that my head my burst and my tummy may turn itself inside out causing my bottom to explode, that it would be a good opportunity to stop by my friend's house to delivery the oh-so-cute-little-furry-soft-pink-terry-cloth-slippers-with-the-daisies-on-the-toes and the set of three teeny-weeny-matching-pink-hats-with-the-baby-bunnies-on-them-that-said ..... hop!- after-the-bunnies-little-bunny-feet-for-her-itty-bitty-little-bald-head that I found for her baby at Wal-mart.

Thats when I realized I didnt have them with me.

So we went home, where I found a letter from RCN threatening to suspend my cable service because they think somewhere along the way I missed a payment - which I know I have not. Well that just made me furious so I dialed them up even though my head was whincing and splitting in half, but the hold time and the music was way overbearing and caused me to hang up prematurely with the attitude of I'll deal with it tomorrow.

So we assembled our new shiny new phones and charged them up, only to have to get back on the phone with Verizon because they would. not. activate. After 10 minutes of "I'm sorry for your wait ma'am but I'm still checking on that", I was told to hold off until midnight to try which means I had a shiny new phone that I want to call people on, and I had to instead, sit and stare at it.

I could not exercise because my head was crying out for a good whack in the crown to be put out of its misery, and my stomach was somehow still sitting curled up in the floorboards of the car, and the only good thing I could think of was a) at least I can wear my pretty blowed out straight hair for one more day because if I had exercised it would have gotten ruined, and 2) at least tomorrow I can still give my friend the oh-so-cute-little-furry-soft-pink-terry-cloth-slippers-with-the-daisies-on-the-toes and the set of three teeny-weeny-matching-pink-hats-with-the-baby-bunnies-on-them-that-said ..... hop!- after-the-bunnies-little-bunny-feet-for-her-itty-bitty-little-bald-head....

That is, if I could find them. I dont know where they are. I looked and I looked for over an hour and can not find them. I have now come to the conclusion that I must have forgotten they were in the bag and used it as the garbage bag in last night dinner preparation...

And yes...

Threw it away.

And not that I would have dug them out of garbage and tried to brush the sauerkraut off them, but this morning was trash day anyway, so they're gone. The little bunnies ....hop! away to the dump. Hopefully some trash digging mother with a new-born baby girl - 'cause they be pink - will find them and get good use out of them.

And now all this typing is about make my eyes bleed and fall dripping from their sockets so I must stop this too.

Bye for now.