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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

'Cause This Guy Said So.

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What comes over a person? I found myself pigging out on apple cinnamon rice cakes today. Couldn't stop eating them. I even chose them over the chocolate bon-bons on my desk... because I WANTED to! I wanted the rice cakes MORE. Which is a good thing, I guess. But eating a ton of rice cakes isn't necessarily a great thing either, and I was drowning in little white cinnamony styrofoam balls...

Then I looked up from my miserable hole of gluttony and was trapped in his gaze...

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He was right.

I was bad... weak...
hysterical in my indulgence. And he was amused by me, snickered, if you will. He sat with evil grin, almost as if he were pleased...

But none the less, he was laughing and he was right to do so.

And I was ashamed.

I tossed the ricey cake of temptation aside and dropped to my knees.

And I wept.

Then I prayed. I asked for strength against such evils as rice cakes, and prayed that no white cheddar cakes would cross my path. I prayed that they would stop putting them in the store and that they would stop making me buy them to fill empty promises of thin thighs and a flat tummy.

He sat and he stared at me and that was all the answer I needed. I brushed my shirt off and sat back down in my chair...

And I took another bite of my apple cinnamon rice cake.

Then, I smiled. Because who really gives a damn and I could be eating worse and for all I knew the little guy was smiling at me because I was eating well...

Yes. That's what he was doing.