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Saturday, October 23, 2004

It was a devilish night in the town of Bethlehem. Creepy gray clouds crept silently across the bitter cold sky. The moon was full and illuminating, casting strange shadows off the roof tops of sleepy houses, while tired residents rested away in their little beds. Stray cats gathered like usual looking for midnight snacks around their favorite dumpster - but tonight they were not hungry.

Tonight was different.

They were not just uncomfortable, they were on edge. It was colder than usual. An unfamiliar stench hung in the air as their little bodies puffed up with tension. With wide eyes and low, lingering growls, they crept back into the shadows.

The town was quiet and unsuspecting. No one could prepare for what evil was lurking...

And there I sat, atop my roof - Watching, waiting, listening. I could see movements in the darkness and I wondered how, if I had to, could I escape from here.

That's when it happened. I turned to see a body moving towards me. His face was a gross shade of gray and he had open sores eating away at his flesh. His fingernails were black and long, and the suit he wore was filthy and shredded. As he walked toward me I could see his eyes were cloudy with no irises, no pupils, nothing. He smelled of rotting flesh and I could hear his horrible wheezing breath as he came closer.

I knew I had to go - but where - and how. I was on a roof top, he was walking towards me. I wasn't even sure what this creature was, but I knew I had to go now.

So I jumped.

I jumped off the roof top - and I landed on another roof top. Although, I don't think you could actually call it 'landing' - because I bounced. I bounced off the roof to the next roof, and again to the next roof, and to the next. As I bounced, I could see the whole town under my feet. It felt like I was flying, and although I was bouncing for my life, there was an amazing sense of being super human. I could bounce as high and as far as I wanted, and apparently, I was very good at it. All this while more and more of these creatures came after me.

They were in the streets, they were on the roofs - they were zombies and they were hungry.

I however, was a weeble-wooble.

To be specific, I was the cowboy weeble-wobble, complete with brown cowboy vest, cowboy hat, and matching round, brown bottom. I knew I was not capable of 'falling down', but I never knew weebles could bounce. Well, I guess we can and we do it very well.

I continued to bounce from roof to roof while the zombies chased me. I knew I had to get out of town but I wasn't sure which way to go. So I weebled and I wobbled the best I could.

Until I found myself in a room with the three witches from Charmed. I wasn't sure how my new weeble powers would work in a confined space, but as I tried to move I realized I lost my egg like body and was back to being me. The girls were battling a very mean vampire. He was quite handsome actually, but we all know a vampire's true form is less than appealing.

As I have joined forces with the Charmed ones in the past to fight evil, I began to aid them in beating up the vampire. I can't be sure the outcome, but last I saw the Prince Of Darkness had morphed into a hideous, slimy, disgusting, drool-dripping, rotten-egg-smelling, teeth-snapping monster. He had Pheobie in a head lock and was about to take a chunk out of her skull, when I said to him,

"Wait vampire, that's Pheobie! You like her, you don't want to eat her!"

For whatever reason, that is when I woke up.

I can not even begin to analyze this one. My brother is pretty good with dreams - any guesses?

This is my favorite time of year. Halloween, spooky movies, autumn leaves and the smell of burning wood. I love being scared, I love the whole suspense of it. But perhaps, I have over done it lately.