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Thursday, December 08, 2005

It was a dollar store night last night. Abi can attest that it is the greatest place on Earth to get your Christmas tree trimmings. I have to fill a 7-foot tree this year and the ornaments I had for my 5’ tree weren’t going to be enough. I got everything except lights, at the dollar store (got those at Wal-Mart).

I don’t know what other people’s trees are going to look like, but mine’s going to freaking match.

Back in 1995, when earl and I moved into our first apartment together, I had very little to decorate a tree with. Being as there were no dollar stores in the neighborhood back then, I could only afford Drug Fair decorations. Although I grew up every year with a Christmas tree full of colored lights and handmade ornaments, after seeing the beautiful “Festival Of Trees” displayed at the Environmental Center, I thought hey why can’t my tree look like that? Needless to say, my tastes had changed a bit from the old family tradition. I also knew Earl’s preference was either silver and red, or gold and red, or gold and green, but God forbid you put silver with gold, so I opted for silver and red - and bought up all the silver and red decorations my little Drug Fair had to offer. The tree came out beautiful and to this day, I stick with the old silver and red combo.

Can I say “silver and red” one more time?

I have yet to put up the tree this year because I have ONE more coat of paint to get on my freaking wall – but this weekend….

It shall be done.

And you all shall see it in its glory (the walls and the tree).

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, what kind of tree do you do?