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Friday, February 11, 2005

Me today - bottomless pit.
Just put a feed bag around my neck, please.
Woke up starving.
Hunger pains all the way to work.
Skipped the regular apple w/peanut butter breakfast and went straight to the toast.
Nope, not good enough.
Went back to apple w/peanut butter.
Swallowed last bite at same time lunch bell rang (yes, we have lunch bells here. They are in fact, school bells.)
Wanted to go to lunch but felt like a pig, so I waited 1/2 hour.
12:30, went and got sandwich.
Scarfed it down like I hadn't eaten in days.
Finished up with a cup of cinnamon spice tea.
I think I might be full... now.
Definately feel bloated.
Last week, Earl woke up with a long scratch all across his check. He told me I must have done it to him while we were sleeping. I didn’t remember doing it, but I was asleep, so maybe. The next morning, he had two cuts on his forehead.

Not scratches, cuts.

Again, he said I must have done it. I sincerely doubt it, I said. Must have been a cat, although, why would a cat do such a thing - two nights in a row. And can cats cut people?

Can cats cut, can cats cut, Say that ten times fast

A couple days later he woke with a nasty scratch across the top of his foot, and then a day later, two long cuts on the top of his hand.

Tuesday, I woke up with a scratch down the side of my nose.

Last night, Earl had a bad dream. He dreamt there were more than 5 ghosts standing around our bed. Earl doesn’t usually dream about things like ghosts, but he did last night. He described them as being very ‘Casper-like’, in that they were ghostly, foggy figures.

They were also very angry. All of them.

In his dream, when he would open his eyes they would vanish, only to return when he closed them again. They knew he could see them.

He even thinks at one point he was not asleep when he opened his eyes. He swears, at one point, he was awake, he opened his eyes, he saw them, and they vanished.

I guess Earl wasn't happy with having them standing around us because he remembers giving them the finger, but that didn’t seem scare them away. I guess if it was that easy, they wouldn’t be so spooky and all the horror movies about ghosts would all end with someone flipp’in’em the bird. No scratches on either of us today, however. Maybe there is something to it.

Keep it in mind.